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Lower limb pain and injury assessment


Movement screening

We assess range of motion, strength, posture and functional/ dysfunctional movements of the feet and lower limbs



We take a thorough history, use specific clinical tests, diagnostic imaging and refer (if required) to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition 

Commonly treated conditions

- Heel and arch pain

   plantar fasciopathy

- Tendinopathy

   Achilles, posterior tibialis, peroneal, extensors

- Forefoot pain

   Neuroma/ bursitis, sesamoiditis

- Toe abnormalities

    Bunions (hallux valgus), claw/hammer toes, hallux rigidus/    limitus

- Arthritis

    Ankle, midfoot, forefoot, toes

- Fractures

   Metatarsal, avulsion

- Post operative rehabilitation

   Post bunion surgery

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