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General foot care

General foot care

Platform podiatry offers solutions to common nail and skin complaints, including nail changes (eg thickening, fungal), corns and callus, tinea and warts.

Please note: Due to the setup of our rooms, ongoing general foot care is provided at the Goolwa clinic only. 


Ingrown toenails

We provide both conservative and permanent surgical options for ingrown nails


Diabetes and chronic disease foot health screening

Diabetes and chronic disease can have a significant effect on feet, so it is important to have regular assessments to ensure your risk of foot complications is minimised. We conduct a thorough assessment which includes review of your dermatological, vascular, neurological and musculoskeletal systems.


Reports of findings can be sent to other chosen health practitioners such as a GP or endocrinologist.

Team Care Arrangement Medicare plan (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care) plans are a Commonwealth initiative to help those suffering from chronic conditions (6 months or more) receive Medicare benefits for a range of health services including podiatry.

Cliff has extensive experience performing assessments for chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis for those referred under a Medicare Chronic Disease Management plan.

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