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Fee schedule & item codes

Current as of October 2022

We accept private health funds


Initial consultation: F004 = $85


Subsequent consultation: F012 = $75


Custom orthoses: F221 x 2 = $400


Semi-custom orthoses: F240 x 2 = $200

Biomechanical assessment (required for orthoses): F118 = $50

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy: F145 = $20 surcharge (in addition to F012)


Foot casting: F303 x 2 = $80


Nail surgery (1 edge): F546= $300

Additional edges are $50

Medicare Team Care Arrangements (TCA) recipients: F004, F012 and F010 are bulk billed (up to 5 TCA services per year . Orthoses and other products are not covered by Medicare. 

Department of Veteran's Affairs recipients: All podiatry services are covered by DVA (12 visits per year)

Please speak to our practice manager or podiatrist if you have any further queries

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