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Child & adolescent podiatry

Movement screening/monitoring

Routine foot and lower limb screening is an ideal way to review your child's movement as they grow and develop. 


Footwear + orthotic prescription

We can provide accurate measurement and advice about the best footwear for your child in their chosen activity. We can often pair this with simple modifications, such as padding and wedges, to make them more comfortable. If required, we can also use an appropriate orthotic to help your child. 


Exercise rehabilitation plans

We can provide appropriate exercises and activities to help your child rehabilitate and prevent injuries. This involves a combination of play based and more formal exercises, dependant on age and condition treated. 


Common conditions treated

Walking troubles

Flat feet

In-toeing/ out-toeing

Toe walking

Limb length differences

Hyper/ hypomobility

Delayed development

Tripping, falling

Reduced muscle tone

Bone/ growth plate issues

Sever's heel pain (insertion of achilles tendon)

Osgood schlatter's (insertion of patella tendon)

Rigid flat feet/ coalitions


Toe problems

Overlapping toes

Curling toes



Nail and skin care

This includes common conditions that affect children, including corn/ callus removal and ingrown nail management. 

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